How do you scale your business from $0 in revenue to $1 Million online? This is the question that I’ll be focusing on in this article. From $0 to $1 Million, there is one issue your business should focus on, SALES! Beyond $1 Million, a business has mastered the channels of sales, and now can grow quickly by extending their product line. However, from $0 to $1 Million, what matters in a scalable business is selling effectively. This article discusses a methodology to scale your online sales by evolving your Sales Funnel.   Evolution of a Sales Funnel This post... Read More
You know what? We examined 27 small businesses and found they use Facebook wrong. Most of what small businesses do with Facebook Marketing is losing money and wasting time. I’d bet that your small business is making at least one of the mistakes mentioned below. In this article, I’ll cover 3 big problems small businesses face in Facebook Marketing, based on our most recent 27 small business Web Presence Audits. These audits allow us to grade businesses against each other based on how effectively they’ve built their online presence, and we’re going to share what we’ve learned! Note: Hey guys!... Read More
      Last week, I had a face palming moment. I’ve noticed that small business tend to struggle with the same problems online. I get it… the challenges for are daunting. No time, low technical expertise, and limited resources… together mean you kind of get what the web developer down the street knows how to make for you. I decided to take some time and travel down memory lane through the most recent 27 web presence audits that I’ve completed for small businesses and grade their Search Engine Marketing. This article will give you a peek into the 7 SINS... Read More
How can you double your sales online? This post talks about how to: Automate your lead generation Double your growth using using digital marketing.     Impediments to Scaling   There are a number of different factors that determine the speed you can grow your business. LEADS – Crete an online, automated Sales Funnel that grows as fast as your cash will allow. CASH!!! Cash Conversion Cycle and Managing Cash Flow is an important factor in growth. … and everything else: Infrastructure, Processes & People will constrain all other factors of growth. In this post, we’ll focus on producing leads to double your growth... Read More