Warning Zombie Infection Zone How to stay motivated and keep dreaming while inside cubicle prison surrounded by office Zombies. The infection was still spreading. Over the first 6 months at my new job, I had turned my cubicle into a lab for testing treatments on myself. While observing the indigenous zombies, Prof and I developed dozens of habits, read books, meditated… but we still weren’t quite there. The treatment kept falling short. Even with all my work,

The Bite: Zombie Career Origins

Posted on September 18, 2018
Like most workplaces, I found myself surrounded by a large number of … well zombies. That’s what I’ll call them.  Zombie careerism runs rampant around us. Get a pay check. Work hard. Get a promotion. Rinse and repeat. Zombie Career: The Bite My personal zombie observation expedition started with my first interaction, on my first day, at my first grown-up job. I stood outside, looking at the bland, tan bricks of the government building I’d call my work home.
The sugar white sand beach stretched out in front of me. Not one person in sight. This was my favorite spot because I was the only one who came here at 12pm on a Tuesday. I lugged my laptop bag and an umbrella across 100 yards of scorching beach sand until I reached my spot. Wow, what a view. I carefully laid down my towel and popped up a blue striped beach umbrella to protect my pasty, nearly
What is my purpose? This is a question I ask myself every day. I am driven forward by finding meaningful work in line with a long-term purpose, surrounded by community, while engaging in flow throughout the journey.. Purpose, even specific, knife-blade-sharp purpose still only motivates me so far. If I hate what I do every day then that purpose is a far off comfort. It’s me plodding through a snow storm with the promise of
How do you scale your business from $0 in revenue to $1 Million online? This is the question that I’ll be focusing on in this article. From $0 to $1 Million, there is one issue your business should focus on, SALES! Beyond $1 Million, a business has mastered the channels of sales, and now can grow quickly by extending their product line. However, from $0 to $1 Million, what matters in a scalable business is