The Beginning: My Escape from Cubicle Prison

by Joseph on July 20, 2018

The sugar white sand beach stretched out in front of me.

Not one person in sight.

This was my favorite spot because I was the only one who came here at 12pm on a Tuesday.

I lugged my laptop bag and an umbrella across 100 yards of scorching beach sand until I reached my spot.

I carefully laid down my towel and popped up a blue striped beach umbrella to protect my pasty, nearly translucent skin from…

A Flickering Candle – The Journey of Purpose

by Joseph on July 18, 2018

What is my purpose?
This is a question I ask myself every day.
I am driven forward by finding meaningful work in line with a long-term purpose, surrounded by community, while engaging in flow throughout the journey..
Purpose, even specific, knife-blade-sharp purpose still only motivates me so far.
If I hate what I do every day then that purpose is a far off comfort. It’s me plodding through a snow storm with the promise of a warm blanket when I arrive.

$0-$1 Million: Evolution of an Online Sales Funnel

by Joseph on June 15, 2018

How do you scale your business from $0 in revenue to $1 Million online? This is the question that I’ll be focusing on in this article.

What I want to do with this article is to give you a peak into the process of building out and scaling your business online.

Think of this as one of my $100 consulting session for free. My gift to you. I’m going to give you a peak behind the curtain of what it takes to grow your business in a scalable way. Nothing held back.

A typical mature sales funnel looks like this…

The Ugly Truth about Facebook Marketing and Small Businesses

by Joseph on October 4, 2017

You know what?

We examined 27 small businesses and found they use Facebook wrong.

Most of what small businesses do with Facebook Marketing is losing money and wasting time.

I’d bet that your small business is making at least one of the mistakes mentioned below.

7 Google Sins that Small Businesses Commit

by Joseph on October 3, 2017


Last week, I had a face palming moment. It seems to happen a lot with small business websites and marketing efforts.

I see the same SEM and Google search problems over and over… Trust me.

I understand the difficulties of operating a small business. No time, low technical expertise, and limited resources… together mean you kind of get what the kid down the street knows how to make for you.

I decided to take some time and travel down memory lane through the most recent 27 web presence audits that I’ve completed for small businesses and grade their Search Engine Marketing.

This article will give you a peek into the 7 SINS I see small businesses making that hurt their SEM and Google ranking.

Double your Sales with a Ninja Sales Funnel

by Joseph on October 3, 2017

How can you double your sales online?

This post talks about how to:
1. Automate your lead generation
2. Double your growth using using digital marketing.

There are a number of different factors that determine the speed you can grow your business. First…