In my last blog post I discussed the habits Henry Ford developed to achieve the incredible success he did. Henry Ford was a brilliant engineer, who spent 14 years of his life perfecting his Ford automobile before launching the business that led to his success. This technical genius he cultivated in turn gave way to the massive success he achieved in his life. Napoleon Bonaparte was wired entirely different than Ford. Ford, with his automobile
Are you living your legend? I love studying great men and women with the goal of trying to understand what they did to achieve their success. I trace back their line of habits, actions and developed resources to understand the seeds of greatness. This is what I call internal greatness. In this article, I walk you through insights gained from the life of Henry Ford while discussing the seed of internal greatness that led them
Life Hack - The Resting Breath
What was that? I looked around the 5’x4′ cubicle walls, and heard a distant drip, drip as I smelled the dank musty air. The chair I sat on felt hard as stone. I hadn’t heard from another employee in the past 3 days with the exception of a faint tapping on my wall from prisoner– I mean, employee id number 4582749, who shared a cubicle wall with me. Wait. I closed my eyes, and there it was again.
Ten of them stared hungrily at me. After three months, it all came down to this one meeting. One meeting and the opinions of the ten office zombies in this room. I needed 6 of them to agree with me in order to approve my project. The only problem:office zombies love to slaughter new ideas. I did my best to stack the deck in my favor. A dozen donuts, a dozen side conversations, and a dozen irrefutable
I’ll never forget that conversation. It was a rainy, humid day, 1496 days into my time in cubicle prison. I still had 5 months before I would leave to launch my new life.  Today they had me painting buildings along with about 20 others at the bottom of the food chain. We stood with paintbrushes in hand under the steely eye of the prison guard, Jessica Smith.  Nothing escaped her aviator-clad gaze. She paced back and forth eyeing us