LaunchRight 4-Pack – Post Evolutions

LaunchRIGHT: 4-Pack

Launch your first sales funnel right with our FREE kit. 

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • ​First Sales Funnel: This package includes a white paper that discusses how to launch your first sales funnel.
  • Customer Insight Kit: Personify your customer to understand how to trigger a sale. This resource includes: 1) Customer Persona Worksheet, 2) 5 Layers of Insight Cheat Sheet, 3) Buying Cycle Tool & Explanation
  • Customer Case Study: We walk you through all these resources with a case study to explain how you can get actionable information from these tools.
  • Core Offer Cheat Sheet: We brought together a cheat sheet that explains the 6 pillars of building your core offer: Deep Questions, Split Testing, Benefits, Big Promise, Big Idea, and USP.

$20 Value! Limited time offer…

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