Conquer the world with Spartan Habits. With this success cheat sheet I'll go over 61 tips, life hacks, and habits that changed my life forever. 

Here's what you'll get...

  • Pt 1 - Habits: Bedrock habits offer the foundation focal points for every success in your life. Among these I include Autosuggestion, Life Scripting, and ... 
  • Pt 2 - Smarter and Harder: Your initial set of habits pave the way for success. Then comes hustle. But hustle by itself isn't enough. This section goes beyond hustle and into the keys of true success.
  • Bonus Section - Personal Leverage: The peak of working smarter is developing personal leverage. How can you multiple your time, effort  and resources 10x? 100x? 1000x? Billionaires achieve their level of success by multiplying their effectiveness not adding. In this bonus section we'll offer tips on multiplying your own success.

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