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Ava’s Attic is a retail store located in Destin, FL.

When we started working with them they were unhappy with the past marketing firms that they’d worked with. They felt as if they were putting money into a black hole and not seeing anything come from it.

After investing $500/mo-$1000/mo they weren’t seeing any noticeable results. Furthermore, they didn’t know if any customers were coming into the store from their marketing campaigns.

After analyzing their business, we put together an accountable sales funnel that included an email marketing campaign to capture the leads that paid advertising was bringing in.

By adding a high converting sales funnel, we were able to create accountable marketing and show clear ROI on money spent.

After setting up their sales funnel and launching an email marketing campaign they started to get incredible results.

By the second month of their email marketing campaign they doubled their email list. On top of this, they were receiving multiple sign-ups each day. Along with email sign-ups, customers were coming into the store almost every day with the coupons from the online marketing campaigns.

The difference between the before and after were night and day. Trackable, accountable results made all the difference.