This is the story of Mary Hong Art.
Mary Hong Art is an online business focused on selling art kits based on her popular GlassCollage artwork.
When we started working with her she was frustrated because her online sales weren’t growing. She had maxed out what her business could accomplish in a tiny niche for artists.
After working with her, we decided to refocus her product around a larger hobbyist market and build out a custom 5 stage sales funnel. We also reworked her branding and sales message. This was no small task. In order to target her sales funnel correctly, we tested 20 different niches, ran over 41 split test advertisements, and developed 6500 words of copywriting. Add to that an additional 12 videos, and 8 landing pages to capture the scope of her custom sales funnel.
However, all our hard work paid off in a big way.full
By launching the new high-power 5 stage sales funnel, we grew her revenue 412% over the next 6 months compared to the previous 6 months, and opened up a solid path to grow her business.
The result was that we took her business from a profitable but non-scalable market niche that relied on organic search and name recognition, and transformed it into a scalable, high-growth hobbyist product.
Want to learn more about our 5-Stage sales funnel? We wrote an epic blog article that walks you through it here: $0-$1 Million: Evolution of an Online Sales Funnel.