We offer a money back guarantee for new customers.
Unfortunately, we cannot return all your money since that money will have been largely spent on marketing efforts for your business. However, our money-back promise puts real consequences behind our claims.
If you don’t make money, then neither should we.
How many marketing firms will say that?
If you’re not completely satisfied, then we’ll refund the profit our LLC would have made on the project. You can exercise this option up to the first 90 days of your contract.
What we mean by profit is a typical but not guaranteed 10%-20% of the total fee we take on contracted work. This does not include advertising expenses paid directly to advertisers.
The amount of money paid back will be our contracted fee minus our estimate of the cost of labor, other costs associated with your contract, overhead costs, acquisition costs, and employee salaries. This profit designation is determined by us at the time of the money back request, and we may choose to take an average profit percentage based on similar projects rather than exact cost accounting. Our legal definition of profit is the amount of money designated by our internal accounting processes that would have been declared profit.
In order to accomplish this task, we have to estimate salaries, taxes, and overhead then bring together all the information needed to estimate the profit Underdog Ventures LLC would have made from the contract.